With the holiday fervor fast setting in, it’s high time for the party spirits. And what’s in a Christmas or New Year party without the finest of drinks and shots? True but then you must be careful of the possible DUI charges with drunk driving. The holiday season witnesses a staggering number of DUI cases every year for obvious reasons. You must make sure you aren’t next in the line.

Here are some tips on how to prevent Fresno DUI lawyer charges this holiday season-

Don’t drink in empty stomach

The preparation to avoid DUI charges starts before you order for your shots. According to experts, you must not ever drink in an empty stomach. Instead, get yourself a hearty meal beforehand. Focus mostly on high carbohydrate stuff to delay alcohol absorption. You should also make sure to nibble on snacks in between your shots.

Women must be more cautious

Studies have confirmed that a woman’s stomach takes more time to metabolize alcohol compared to that of men. Thus, if you are a woman and planning to drive, be extra cautious with your drinks.

Hire a cab

You cannot let the fear of DUI charges spoil your party spirit. The holiday season is the much awaited time of the year when we aspire for uninterrupted fun. But then, you are legally not allowed to drive under the influence. The only possible solution here is to not to bring your wheels at the pub. Rather, hire a cabbie to drive you safely back home after you have enjoyed your shots and pitchers to your heart’s content.

Be careful of breath tests if –

There are two possible cases where the breathalyzer can show compromised readings. In case, you are caught in a DUI charge while under any of the following situations, you must inform your DUI attorney about your specific case.


Fever or higher body temperature might lead to erroneously higher breathalyzer readings. Most of the breath machines have been designed to assume 98.6° C as the standard body temperature for test subjects. It’s to stress here, the readings will be around 6.5 percent higher when you have fever.

Exposure to volatile fumes

If the breath test is taken after your lungs have been exposed to volatile fumes, breathalyzers will show artificially high readings. Examples of volatile fumes include paint, lacquer, dry-cleaner fluids or gasoline.

Sleep on the backseat

It’s not unnatural to feel sleepy after you drink the night away. But do not attempt to drive the car while you are feeling drowsy. Rather, park the car somewhere safe, take out the key from ignition and shift to backseat for a nap.

Let’s hope you will never get caught in a DUI case. But in case, something like that happens, don’t delay to contact a seasoned DUI attorney. We extend free initial consultations and we are always ready to help.