A Few Things You Should Know About Becoming a Notary Public

If you are ready to learn a new skill and make some money on a the side with a part-time job, you should know about the job of a notary public. If you have ever had a document notarized, this is what a notary does. If not, it is simple to understand. Certain documents require a witness. A notary is that witness. They conduct their work according to the laws of the state, and affix a stamp to the document. Here are a few things you should know about a notary public.

There are basic requirements

Most people will meet the minimum requirements to become a notary public. Because there is a great amount of trust involved, you cannot have any felony convictions, and you won’t be able to lie about this; background checks are done in every state. Also, you will need to be 18 years old. For most …

5 tips to prevent DUI charges this holiday season

With the holiday fervor fast setting in, it’s high time for the party spirits. And what’s in a Christmas or New Year party without the finest of drinks and shots? True but then you must be careful of the possible DUI charges with drunk driving. The holiday season witnesses a staggering number of DUI cases every year for obvious reasons. You must make sure you aren’t next in the line.

Here are some tips on how to prevent Fresno DUI lawyer charges this holiday season-

Don’t drink in empty stomach

The preparation to avoid DUI charges starts before you order for your shots. According to experts, you must not ever drink in an empty stomach. Instead, get yourself a hearty meal beforehand. Focus mostly on high carbohydrate stuff to delay alcohol absorption. You should also make sure to nibble on snacks in between your shots.

Women must be more cautious