Dealing with Bicycle Accidents in Fort Lauderdale FL

Bicycle accidents are most severe because of the high speed with less protection involved with the riders. Insurance companies many times blame bikers for being reckless, but that is not always true. No matter how careful a cyclist can be, accidents will still happen. The most essential thing is to understand what to do immediately when you are involved in a bicycle accident.

It is always essential to seek the services of an experienced bicycle accident attorney fort lauderdale fl immediately after the accident. Experienced lawyers understand that riders involved in an accident may not find it easy to go through the process of seeking compensation. After a crash, some riders suffer serious injuries, thus, the need to allow expertise in law to help you find fair compensation.

However, for you to get full compensation, you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was as a result of …

3 Signs that You Should Switch Criminal Defense Attorneys

There are obvious signs you shouldn’t hire a criminal defense attorney like a revoked or suspended law license. However, it is harder for most people to understand when they need to switch lawyers. Yet the difference between a good attorney and a bad one may be the difference between jail, probation, and being set free. Know that your decision isn’t set in stone and you can always find someone new to represent you. Here are three signs you should switch criminal defense attorneys.

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He Says He Can Win and Now Asks You to Plead Guilty

A common mistake is choosing someone who says they are a seasoned trial lawyer based on the claim they’ve won thousands of cases. The sign that you should switch an attorney is when you want to fight to defend your claim of innocence and they want you to settle for a …

Characteristics of Anglo Saxon and Continental European Laws

Anglo Saxon

The Anglo-Saxon system is a legal system based on jurisprudence, namely the decisions of previous judges which later became the basis of subsequent judges’ rulings. This legal system is applied in Ireland, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada (except the Province of Quebec) and the United States (although the state of Louisiana uses this legal system in conjunction with the Napoleon Continental European legal system). In addition to these countries, several other countries also apply a mixed Anglo-Saxon legal system, for example Pakistan, India and Nigeria that apply most of the Anglo-Saxon legal system, but also impose customary law and religious law.

The legal system of anglo saxon, in fact its application is easier especially for the people of developing countries because it is in accordance with the development of the era. The opinions of the experts and law practitioners are more prominently used by judges, in …