Law ClinicIn the course of researching for this article to see if I might decide what city in these United States was the most hateful and imply in direction of those unlucky people who find themselves down on their luck, or who could by no means have had good luck to start with, I discovered many alternative lists of Meanest Cities in America.” Apparently the U.S. has turn out to be so mean that it takes a number of lists to comprise the names of all of the cities where mean laws towards homeless and poor people have been handed.

It was necessary for Noah’s Kitchen (in addition to different charity teams that assist the poor) to maneuver exterior the Houston city limits or pay the $500 high quality each single time they provided a homeless person a cup of soup or a chunk of toast. Yes, $500 for every offense. A second piece of toast to the same person would mean one other $500 superb in addition to the primary one! Yes, a hungry homeless person might quickly put Noah’s Kitchen out of business utterly by simply eating 4-5 pieces of toast from that soup kitchen.

The same regulation made it unlawful for homeless individuals to feed themselves with found meals (often from the trash). Dailykos reported that a homeless man was ticketed a week earlier than they printed their story on this subject and fined $500 for taking a partially eaten donut out of a dumpster. Five hundred dollars is the amount of the nice for individuals who feed the homeless, or for the homeless who feed themselves inside the Houston metropolis limits – the City Counsel lowered the superb down from $2,000 due to public outcry.

It does not appear to matter why any specific particular person is experiencing difficult occasions. Those people who are better off like to use the excuse that people are homeless and hungry as a result of they are alcoholics or on drugs. For some motive there are people in our society who think it’s acceptable to write people off who are mentally sick and not care at all if they are homeless, hungry, or in need of something in any respect. My statistics professor was of that mind and mentioned so earlier than a category of 137 students.

Kelly Thomas, a 37-12 months outdated unarmed, mentally sick, homeless man, was overwhelmed unconscious on July 5, 2011, by two former policemen. The former policemen, Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli, had been discovered not responsible of second-degree murder, and cleared of all prices relating to that incident on January thirteen. 2014. A third officer, Joseph Wolfe, was to face trial after Ramos and Cicinelli, however for the reason that first two had been found not responsible, the prosecutor decided to drop fees, (Christian Science Monitor).