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Characteristics of Anglo Saxon and Continental European Laws

Anglo Saxon

The Anglo-Saxon system is a legal system based on jurisprudence, namely the decisions of previous judges which later became the basis of subsequent judges’ rulings. This legal system is applied in Ireland, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada (except the Province of Quebec) and the United States (although the state of Louisiana uses this legal system in conjunction with the Napoleon Continental European legal system). In addition to these countries, several other countries also apply a mixed Anglo-Saxon legal system, for example Pakistan, India and Nigeria that apply most of the Anglo-Saxon legal system, but also impose customary law and religious law.

The legal system of anglo saxon, in fact its application is easier especially for the people of developing countries because it is in accordance with the development of the era. The opinions of the experts and law practitioners are more prominently used by judges, in … Read more

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Law And Legal ArticleLearn find out how to develop an efficient search technique after which use it to locate relevant secondary sources to help your research for law assignments.

History has shown that when a rustic falls into a situation of an unpayable debt, struggle often follows. Having simply ended a bloody battle, the United States was unable and unwilling to interact in any additional hostilities. Also, the carnage and destruction of the warfare required much more wealth to rebuild all that had been destroyed.

Nonetheless, when legislation cannot result in change without social support, it nonetheless can create certain preconditions for social change. Moreover, after independence, the Constitution of India provided far-reaching tips for change. Its directive precept instructed a blueprint for a brand new nation. The de-recognition of the caste system, equality before the regulation and equal opportunities for all in financial, political and social spheres had been among the excessive … Read more

Will Your Injuries Qualify You To Receive Worker’s Compensation Benefits?

Many people don’t really understand all of the complexities of worker’s compensation laws. It’s only when they’re injured on the job that they scramble to learn as much as they can about a system that was set up to help them recover from a workplace accident. By learning a little more about the requirements for worker’s compensation, you’ll be better prepared, if you ever are injured on the job.

As any workers compensation lawyer San Antonio will tell you, there are very few injuries that haven’t been dealt with in past claims for benefits. In fact, most injuries are commonly reported in Texas and across the country. These are common types of injuries that workers suffer in various industries, so, while the specific circumstances are unique, the injuries themselves are not.

Among the most common types of serious workplace injuries are spinal injuries and head injuries. These are especially hazardous, … Read more

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