Most of us drive cars every day without a thought or care in the world. We do not often stop and consider the risk that we take every time we turn the key in the ignition. Perhaps it is just that we do not want to think about it, or maybe it is because we have accepted that this is just a part of living in the United States in the modern day.

Millions Of Wrecks Per Year

Even if we do not want to think about it, a car accident is incredibly commonplace. quotes the United States Census Bureau in saying that in 2009 there were some eleven million vehicle accidents in the United States alone. Most of those are very minor and do not require much more than filing a claim with insurance. However, there are at least some accidents which are more serious than that.

Single Vehicle Wrecks

One common type of accident that does not get talked about enough are the single vehicle ones. These are more common than other types of wrecks in some areas. They are certainly very dangerous. In fact, in the Las Vegas area they account for about fifty-eight percent of the fatal accidents that occur in that area. That is a little higher than the national average of around fifty-five percent, and it is certain cause for concern.

Put Down the Cell Phone

Distracted driving is a big culprit in these types of accidents. This can come in many forms. Sometimes it is that the driver is trying to calm a rowdy pet or children, but more often it has to do with cell phone usage by the driver. Cell phone usage now accounts as a factor for about one in four wrecks. That is a very high number and a very good reason to put down the phone before getting in a car.

Jumping To Conclusions

The police and even insurance companies will be quick to judgment when wrecks occur. The police just want to wrap up the case as quickly as they can, and the insurance companies want to find someone to blame so that they may not have to pay out anything if they can avoid it. This is why anyone involved in a single car wreck should contact Naqvi Injury Law.

Speaking With People Who Care

The purpose of contacting them is to get someone to finally listen. The police and insurance companies are going to want to jump to conclusions, but these types of cases are always so much more complex. It is never a good idea to try to assign blame before it has really been hashed out as to what happened. This law firm works with you to make sure that all of your rights are protected. They want to make sure that you know that you have someone on your side. You do not have to go it alone.

It is hard enough to deal with the impacts of a car wreck to begin with. You should avoid adding anymore stress to your situation by getting a lawyer that can help you.