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Effective Approach for Child Custody Issues

If you are going through a difficult family law matter the children involved can be impacted greatly. In some cases the consequences for the children are more difficult than the adults involved. You need an effective approach to safeguard the rights of the children during a family law matter. They need a safe place to live if their parent seeks divorce in court. The court has to identify the right guardian for a better future. The lawyers at Stange law firm understand the difficultly in family matters and are Here to Help You Rebuild Your Life.

Child custody

The term child custody exists if the parents are separated due to disputes. The child custody attorneys at Stange law firm have the experience to handle family manners in a timely fashion. You can resolve child custody problems with Stange Law Firm because their attorneys solely practice family law. The child custody … Read more

Smart Tire Technology Can Prevent Accidents

New smart tire technology is helping to prevent motor vehicle accidents on Florida roads and highways. By using innovative features, smart tires can prevent car accidents that result in serious injuries and fatalities seen by a car accident lawyer Ocala Fl.

A well-known German tire manufacturer, Continental Tires, has developed numerous innovative tire features since 1870. Recently, they have engineered a complete line of “smart tires” for passenger cars and light-duty trucks that focus on innovative safety features. The tires are equipped with special sensors that read tire air pressure and compressors that read tire tread depth that give drivers safety advantages while on the road.

ContiSense technology places special sensors within the tires that give accurate air pressure readings, as well as tire temperatures. The sensors are made from conductive rubber materials that can electronically send readings to the car’s dashboard. If the tires show low air pressure … Read more

For those of you who Disability You deserve Social Security


Living with a disability can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Dealing with a medical condition that makes it difficult to perform basic household tasks and prevents you from working can be quite stressful. If you are suffering from a debilitating physical or mental impairment, you may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits.

Social Security Disability Requirements

You are considered disabled if you can’t work and aren’t able to adequately complete the duties required for your job for at least 12 continuous months as a result of your medical condition. Some of the factors that determine if you quality for benefits are the severity of your medical condition; your physical and mental limitations; your employment status; income; and the length of time you’ve been disabled.

Submitting an Application

In order to apply for disability benefits, you need to submit an application to the Social Security … Read more

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