A Few Things You Should Know About Becoming a Notary Public

If you are ready to learn a new skill and make some money on a the side with a part-time job, you should know about the job of a notary public. If you have ever had a document notarized, this is what a notary does. If not, it is simple to understand. Certain documents require a witness. A notary is that witness. They conduct their work according to the laws of the state, and affix a stamp to the document. Here are a few things you should know about a notary public.

There are basic requirements

Most people will meet the minimum requirements to become a notary public. Because there is a great amount of trust involved, you cannot have any felony convictions, and you won’t be able to lie about this; background checks are done in every state. Also, you will need to be 18 years old. For most states, this is all there is, other than the requirements to obtain your license to practice as a notary.


What you need to do

The first thing you will need to do is find out what type of training your state requires. Often this is a quick course that can be taken online or locally. A local class may be as little as a couple or three hours of learning. Mostly you are learning the proper procedure for doing this type of work. After taking the class you may be required to pass a test. Once this is done, you will receive a certificate that proves you completed the training. This document is then sent with a notary application along with your application fee.

You will need to purchase a bond

A surety bond will be required by most states. This is simply a bond that is posted to protect your customers from errors and omissions that lead to financial loss. In other words, honest mistakes that you may make during the notary process. The amount of the bond will be a matter of state law. However, you may also want to consider additional insurance to protect your personal assets. Often the minimum requirement is not very high. The bond will only be in effect for the duration of your license. In many states, a notary must renew their license every four years.

There are a few supplies you will need after you get a license, such as a notary stamp and a record book. Also, you can do this work full time, but since it is also something you can do part time, so you can start out slowly and get a feel for the work.