Eligibility In Borrowed Car Accidents

It is quite common for the car owners to lend vehicles to other people if it is necessary. For instance, the car can be lent to friends or relatives who visit from another place in order to easily get around. You might even borrow your car to a co-worker. 

When an accident happens and the driver at fault borrowed the car, who is eligible for paying damages? 

Registered Driver Or Car?

Before even thinking about eligibility in borrowed car accidents and looking for a lawyer for car accidents in Indianapolis, you need to know facts about your car insurance policy. Drivers have to buy minimum liability. This coverage will follow the car driver but it might pay damages when the borrowed car accident happens. This is because it usually does not matter who drives. 

When the policy does cover the borrower, you do not have problems even if you …

Liability In Bicycle Accidents

What Happens If You Hit a Cyclist With Your Car? | Bicycle Accidents | Ben  Crump

It is very important that you understand as much as possible when it comes to fault in car accidents. This is even more vital when discussing a collision between an automobile and a cyclist. Determining fault can be quite hard. However, according to experienced personal injury attorneys like Philly car accident lawyers, everything boils down to liability. 

Biking Basics

There are some very simple basic rules when it comes to bicyclist liability. The bike rider always needs to:

  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Consider the safety of everyone else on the road. 
  • Consider personal safety at all times. 

Basically, the personal injury laws that are governing all vehicle accidents are also governing lawsuits involving bike accidents. 

Blame In Bike Accidents

Both severe and fatal injuries can appear when there is an accident that involves a car and a bicycle. This is mainly because of the exact same laws that …

3 Benefits of Living in a Condominium

From apartments to single-family homes, there are many options available to people who are looking for a place to live. Condominiums can be a great option for people who want to enjoy living in their own home but do not want to worry about the upkeep.

1. Low Maintenance 

If people love being outside but do not like mowing the lawn, shoveling snow or performing other routine maintenance tasks, then living in a condo could be the right solution. Community areas and many home repairs are handled by the maintenance staff. This can free people’s time for more important or enjoyable activities, like traveling, socializing or perfecting a hobby. If the maintenance terms are unclear or do not appear to be adhered to properly, then a real estate lawyer Ashburn VA can look over any contracts for clarification.

2. Amenities 

While living in a condo comes with paying HOA fees, …