Divorce requires many moving parts to come together. It is a legal termination of legal obligations as man and wife. Going this route allows the parties to live separately, divide assets and move forward as a single person, allowing each to remarry in the future. One of the main issues determined during a Florida divorce involves the children common to the marriage. Take a look at what the process involves in a custody case.

1. Custody

Finding a tampa divorce lawyer to explain the custody process further may help you understand the implications better. The main components, however, involve legal custody and physical custody. Many courts favor a joint legal custody designation, allowing each parent to make decisions for their children and have the right to access to their children at any time. Physical custody has more to do with where the children will reside. Parents may split legal custody …

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Were you injured on the job or because of someone else’s carelessness? Even minor injuries often result in expensive medical bills, but serious ones can also cause loss of wages, loss of quality of life, or other long-term problems. If you are deciding how to handle the situation, consider these signs that you may need a personal injury attorney Columbia MD.

Your Injuries Are Severe

If minor injuries can cause large medical bills, imagine what severe ones create. If you sustained severe injury because of another person’s negligence, you shouldn’t need to pay the medical bills on your own. A personal injury attorney can help to fight the insurance companies to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your medical bills. Most insurance agencies only pay a portion of medical bills and will refuse to pay more without legal intervention.

You Have Disabling Injuries

Whether long-term or permanent, …

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With more and more people moving to the Lonestar State, property values have skyrocketed in many municipalities. Higher appraisals mean higher property tax rates. However, there are some things you can do to protest rising costs.

Appeals Process

The state of Texas gives you the right to appeal your appraisal through the Texas Comptroller’s Office. You can dispute your tax appraisal with your district tax office which often requires a court hearing in front of a judge. The judge may want to see comparable property appraisals for your home. A real estate law firm Austin TX deals with property tax protests and can help you navigate the process. Without the right paperwork and evidence to back it up, you could owe the higher amount. That higher appraisal can then affect your appraisal for the following years resulting in higher taxes for years to come.

Property Taxes

So why would …

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