3 Little Known Types of Adoptions – The Facts

If you are curious about increasing your family numbers by adopting a child, you aren’t alone. More than 55,000 children are adopted each year by American families. Here are three types of adoption sources you may want to consider when looking for your child.

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1. Adoptions from Independent Sources

With the help of a family law Hernando County FL attorney, you can sometimes find parents that are trying to locate a loving family for their unborn or newly born child without the help of any intermediary service. You may have to pay all expenses related to the birth, and in some states, you may give the mother a monthly stipend for food and personal care, but before making any agreements, check with your attorney to make sure all your dealings are legal.

2. Adoptions from Foreign Countries

Contact a family law adoption attorney before you begin looking for a foreign child to include in your family because each country may have its own rules, laws, and regulations pertaining to the adoption and legal release of rights of parents. According to the United States State Department, a foreign adoption often takes between two and four years to complete, so be prepared for a long wait.

3. Adoptions from Foster Care Systems

Although many people don’t realize that children within the foster care system are available for adoption, it is true. Parents may give up parental rights, or they could possibly be deceased. Without a family member willing to support the child, the state may place the child into a program enabling them to be adopted. Check with your state agencies to see what steps are required to proceed with an adoption.

If adoption is part of your future, make sure you understand the waiting time, costs associated with adoptions, and the disadvantages. Taking a child into your home can be an amazing journey if you are prepared.

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