Basic Skills and Knowledge of a Successful Criminal Lawyer

If you’ve ever considered the career of a criminal lawyer but don’t know what it takes, here is a few things to get you started. Since there are many ways to choose a path for a career, consider these ideas a general layout of the basic skills and knowledge needed to be a successful criminal lawyer.

Typical Schedule

Whether you work for a private firm like this criminal law firm in Columbia MD or you work for a public non-profit, you will likely be working a typical 5 day, 40 hour week but with a lot of extra hours in the beginning in order to hone your skills. You could start your own solo firm and work when you want, but you would also be responsible for starting your own business and maintaining that on top of defending your clients.

Frequent travel is required, so comfortability with being in new and uncomfortable places is required.

Soft and Hard Skills

Criminal lawyers must be able to write, speak, and research at a very high level since they essentially hold the future of their client’s life in their hands. You must be a good public speaker and have the ability to think on your feet under pressure in order to succeed in the courtroom.

Your interpersonal skills must also be top-notch in order to maintain a strong relationship with your client, your co-workers, and your reputation.

Required Education

While there is no specific bachelor’s degree required to become a lawyer, you might consider history, economics, or English, since these skills will likely make it easier to get accepted into law school. After law school, you must pass the bar examination in order to obtain your license. From there, you are ready to begin practice, or you can seek out extra certification.

If you think you fit these criteria, then perhaps practicing law as a career is the right choice for you.

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