Understanding Corruption According to Experts

Corruption is a crime if it is committed by someone. This criminal act of corruption is an activity carried out to enrich oneself or a group where the activity is very detrimental to the nation and state and violates applicable law.

Impact of Corruption
Talking about the impact of corruption, then we must know that corruption does not only have an impact on the perpetrators but also has an impact on the State. The explanation of the impact of corruption is as follows:

The impact of corruption on the perpetrators (corruptors)

Corruption is one of the criminal acts so that the perpetrators of corruption will be sentenced to criminal law.

The impact of corruption on the State

Like a drop of poison that falls into a cauldron with a lot of gravy, what happens? So the answer is that all the gravy has been contaminated with poison. Likewise, corruption, which is carried out by one person or group who is affected by the state, is sad isn’t it? Now to better understand how the impact of corruption on the State, we must listen to the presentation.

The impact of corruption on the State are as follows:

The most obvious impact is of course the loss of the State. If corruption is carried out within the scope of the State, it will affect the State’s finances as well as if corruption is carried out in the company it will also affect the company’s finances.
Lack of trust in the government because government officials have been corrupt. Although not all of them commit corruption, all of them are affected. For example in the case of this government.
Still related to trust, other countries also when conducting international relations of course prefer to trust a country whose office holder is free from corruption. This will become an obstacle to development, economic stability, and political stability of the State.
The government’s authority in society is reduced if there are many government officials who commit corruption or misappropriation of state finances.
Barriers to national development.
The country’s security and resilience will be fragile if government officials are easily bribed. If it is a foreign country who commits bribery, then inevitably they will impose their influence on the nation, because some countries may commit bribery as a means to realize their ideals.
The law is no longer respected. Indonesia is a state of law, therefore everything must be based on a legal basis. The ideals of the Indonesian people to achieve the rule of law are difficult to realize if law enforcers take acts of corruption. This will cause the law cannot be enforced, obeyed and heeded by the community.

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