Death Penalty Sentences in Indonesia

The death penalty is one of the most controversial and most debated crimes. In the eyes of Indonesia’s positive punishment, capital punishment or capital punishment is classified as the heaviest crime.

Indonesia has sentenced a number of defendants to death sentences from drugs to terrorism. However, most recently, the death penalty was handed down to Ferdy Sambo in the murder of Brigadier J.

1. Amrozi, Mukhlas, and Imam in the Bali Bombing Tragedy

The Bali bombing incident still leaves the victims’ families with the deepest pain. Occurring on October 12, 2002 in Legian, Bali, it was Amrozi, Ali Gufron alias Mukhlas, and Imam who were the masterminds of the tragedy.
At least 202 people died and hundreds of other victims were injured. As a result of their acts of terrorism, the three of them were sentenced to death penalty on October 2, 2003.
The trio of masterminds behind the Bali bombings filed for Judicial Review (PK) three times during 2007-2008. However, all PKs were rejected.

2. Raheem Agbaje Salami

Raheem Agbaje Salami was one of the convicts in a heroin smuggling case in Indonesia in 2015. He was proven to have smuggled 5 kg of heroin into Indonesia.
As a result, he was sentenced to death. Raheem previously applied for clemency, but was rejected by President Joko Widodo.
Before closing his eyes for the last time, Raheem ordered his body to be buried in Madiun, East Java, and his kidney to be donated. The execution of the Nigerian-born Spaniard took place on April 29, 2015 in the morning.

3. Mary Jane

The Mary Jane Veloso case emerged in 2010. According to detikNews, he was arrested at the Yogyakarta airport in April 2010 because he was caught carrying 2.6 kg of heroin.
However, he is clean staunchly innocent. The woman from the Philippines admitted that the heroin was sewn into her suitcase without her knowledge.
Mary Jane’s clemency was proposed. However, President Jokowi again refused through a Presidential Decree (Keppres) dated 30 December 2014. His execution was also scheduled for 29 April 2015.

4. Freddie Budiman

The word jerah doesn’t seem to exist in Freddy Budiman’s dictionary of life. Having previously been caught in a drug case in 1997, Freddy was caught again for smuggling 500 grams of methamphetamine.
After several times carrying out this vicious action, Freddy Budiman was finally executed by a firing squad at Limus Buntu behind the Nusakambangan Police Post on July 29 2016.

5. Ferdy Sambo

Most recently, Ferdy Sambo was sentenced to death for his involvement in the murder of Brigadier J. The former head of the Propam Polri division was found guilty of premeditated murder.
Ferdy Sambo’s sentence was higher than the demands of the public prosecutor (JPU). During the trial, the public prosecutor demanded that Ferdy Sambo be imprisoned for life. However, the sentence became more severe because the victim was his former adjutant.

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