Finding Representation in for My Brother

We never would have imagined that our brother would have been doing illegal things that could get him into trouble. My sister and I came to his rescue when he was put behind bars for stealing a car last year, and he’s been involved in a few other crimes in the past year that have made for plenty of trouble for our family. We are worried about our brother’s reputation, and the reputation of our family name will be tarnished if he is proven guilty in the court of law. Our family is high profile, so we decided to hire a lawyer to make sure that all these matters are resolved without an issue.

Our brother might have to pay fines and serve jail time, but at least the legal counsel we have hired will get him a reduced sentence and less fines than without a lawyer. Our brother is lucky that we are here to help him out of his messy situation because he would have been without money for bail or a lawyer. He had acquired all of his money by doing illegal things, so all of his assets were seized by the police. Fortunately for us, my brother has been living outside of the family home for a few years, so the police didn’t need to search our home for stolen goods or property. 

My brother messed up his life by getting involved in illegal activities. He’s been hanging out with a bad bunch of people that are involved in gangs and selling drugs. My brother doesn’t mess around with drugs or gangs, but he has been running with that crew when he steals cars. It’s a dangerous crime that got him shot at once, and now he’s been caught for his actions. He would be in jail if it wasn’t for us posting his bail

When the bail was set, we payed it for him, and we decided to help him out by getting a good lawyer to represent him in his cases. He was ready to settle for a public defender because he doesn’t have any money to pay for legal representation. A public defender might be a viable last ditch effort, but we can afford to help him find representation in court. You can start your search online by looking for a criminal defense law flagstaff az. to help represent my brother when he goes to court. 

We have the extra money to pay to protect my brother this time, but next time he might not be so lucky. We figured that he can come live with us when he’s finished serving his time in lockup, but that’s only happening if he serves his time on good behavior. If he starts trouble while he’s being locked up, I don’t think we can have him back at our family home because we have young children that we want to protect from that sort of lifestyle. My brother is a good man, but he needs us to help him.

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