How to Get Your Friend Out of Jail On Bail



No one wants to sit around in jail if there are options to get released. It can cost you a job or relationship when you have to spend weeks waiting for your case to be heard in court. Below is the advice you need explaining how to bail someone out of jail Philadelphia PA residents follow with success.


Wait for the Bond Hearing


Your friend will want to get out of jail as soon as possible, but the case will have to go in front of the judge for a bond amount to be set first. It typically takes a few hours for this to happen. It could take longer if your friend is incarcerated at the weekend. Judges only review cases Monday through Friday during normal court hours.


Find Out What Type of Bond is Needed


Most cases are separated between misdemeanor and felony counts. Misdemeanors are considered less serious and the bond amount needed is typically much less than felony bonds. You will have a better idea of the amounts of money you are looking at to secure the freedom of your friend.


Provide Cash or Bail Bond Assurance


The bond can be set by either providing the full cash amount to the court or using the services of a bail bond company. Using a bail bond service allows you the opportunity to put up less cash at the time. You can also use items of collateral value when using a bail bond service.


Bailed Individual Must Attend All Court Hearings


Getting free and staying free will require a promise of attending every court proceeding and completing all demands of the court. Any failure in this will result in an arrest warrant and the bond is forfeited. It can cost you a great deal of money.


Bailing someone out of jail in Philadelphia is something you want to consider carefully. Make sure it’s someone that will show up for court and not cost you the money you invest in their freedom.


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