Learn About Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance mitigates financial losses for businesses and employees when an employee suffers a work-related injury. If you are fighting for medical treatment and lost wages as a result of a work-related injury, consider consulting a workers compensation attorney Oregon.

Who Pays

Workers’ compensation insurance is paid for by employers, but the benefits are given to employees. However, both parties benefit from this insurance. For example, workers comp prevents employees from suing their companies over work-related injuries, so for a nominal fee, employers are protected from personal injury lawsuits. However, injured employees gain significantly greater benefits.

Benefits for Employees

Injured employees may receive medical treatment, including surgeries and long-term care, in addition to lost wages compensation. If an injury prevents a worker from returning to work permanently, such as in cases of permanent or partial disability, these companies will typically settle the case through a large cash payment. Although this payment may not provide an income for the injured party throughout their lives, those with attorneys may end up with significant settlements.


Most employees are eligible for workers’ compensation insurance. However, those who work as independent contractors, volunteers and consultants are not covered. In addition, Texas does not require employers to purchase workers’ compensation insurance unless they have government contracts.

Although work-related injuries are covered, some injuries are not. For example, injuries that result from intoxication, fighting among employees, intentional injury or negligence are not typically covered. In addition, emotional trauma is difficult to prove and is typically not covered except in cases of PTSD that results from a work-related incident.


These workers’ compensation insurance companies may send employees to a doctor of their choosing. They will require medical records and copies of tests as well as employment documents, including the incident report and witness statements. After a medical evaluation, your case will be reviewed and the company will determine its next step.

Learn more about workers’ compensation from a reputable workers’ compensation attorney.

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