Principles of International Law

The principle as means which alive, grows and develops and shows that is not merely a cosmos of method. Emptiness or a collection of rules, because the principle of law contains ethical values and demands.

The legal principle becomes an elementary tool to fill the void and legal gap. The principle of law will avoid the underdevelopment of the normative rules of reality. From the normative law and keep on limping behind the reality (het recht hint antcher).

Many commented among juridical and important in the preparation of a rule:

The principle of law is the tendencies, which required by law our moral judgment (Paul Scholten).

The legal principle is the legal-ethical measures, which give direction to the formation of the law (Karl Larens).

From that principle positive law obtains its legal meaning. Principle is the assumptions of fundamental considerations which form the basis of the social behavior (King Gie and Ten Berg).

From the description above, shows how important the principle of law to be contained in a legislation. The legal principle is the soul becomes a strong sociological and philosophical basis.

Basic Lecture of the Principles of Cause-and-effect Law

The previous article that in every existing reality-happened then behind him stood of causal as a series of processes that background something so that something becomes there or happened. So the existence of everything in reality does not happen by chance but follow of cause and effect.

In another sense, in all of the existing or existing reality each has a background of cause and effect only cause of the background there are empirical and some are non-empirical, some are easy to understand and some are difficult or not easy to understand.

So in terms of the seemingly bizarre-irrational reality it does not mean there is no causal cause behind its existence but its reading must be through another discipline that is not the kind of logic. While one of the fundamental features of illusions is that it has no legal construction because of the constructive consequences underlying existence. One can fantasize at will without designing a structured cause.

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