Smart Tire Technology Can Prevent Accidents

New smart tire technology is helping to prevent motor vehicle accidents on Florida roads and highways. By using innovative features, smart tires can prevent car accidents that result in serious injuries and fatalities seen by a car accident lawyer Ocala Fl.

A well-known German tire manufacturer, Continental Tires, has developed numerous innovative tire features since 1870. Recently, they have engineered a complete line of “smart tires” for passenger cars and light-duty trucks that focus on innovative safety features. The tires are equipped with special sensors that read tire air pressure and compressors that read tire tread depth that give drivers safety advantages while on the road.

ContiSense technology places special sensors within the tires that give accurate air pressure readings, as well as tire temperatures. The sensors are made from conductive rubber materials that can electronically send readings to the car’s dashboard. If the tires show low air pressure and/or high temperatures while driving, a special dashboard feature alerts the driver of dangerous tire conditions.

CondiAdapt technology uses a group of small compressors within the tires that read tire tread depth in connection with existing air pressure. Compressors can actually adjust air pressure to give better road grip when the driver encounters hazardous road conditions created from heavy rains, snow, sleet and ice. When drivers are traveling on interstates and highways, compressors can create low-rolling resistance tires that provide better road grip and gas mileage.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), defective tires were responsible for more than 45,000 motor vehicle accidents in 2016. Accident statistics show that tire blowouts are commonly caused by under-inflated or over-inflated tires, as well as damaged or ill-maintained tires with worn treads. When drivers are traveling at high speeds or on hazardous roads, bad tires pose increased dangers of serious car accidents that result in injuries or fatalities.

New smart tire technology offers drivers added safety features to prevent car accidents, but most drivers don’t have them yet. In the meantime, tires should be regularly inspected for proper air pressure, tread depth, and damages like punctures and abrasions to ensure safe driving.

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