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Have you ever considered filing a divorce, especially when you know that you are not expecting anything from your husband or wife again? Let’s say that you already had a serious talk and agreed to live separately since you both want to end the relationship, not because of a third party but the truth is that you both not wanted this marriage in the first place. Remember that there are arranged marriages and you were young back then so you just obeyed your parent’s decision, then got married without intimacy.

Because of such arrangements, the kind of family that you wanted to have did not happen so this is what made you decide to divorce because it is not yet too late to find a match and start a family that we have been dreaming about when we were still younger. The way I see the situation, the couple is not just a husband and a wife, they are good friends because they understand each other, but the relationship has no chance of going deeper. In this case, they can request for divorce in Austin even when nobody did wrong to their partner and I guess this can be settled fast.

They just need to find divorce lawyers in Nashville or Austin as long as the law firm is in Texas and they can already start filing their request. Since you are going to hire a lawyer, it is best to get an appointment first to make sure that you can talk to the expert and not just the clerk or secretary so that you can ask directly anything that concerns your situation. Office clerks may know something about this law but you will feel more confident if you can meet the attorney in this law firm.

When to hire an attorney?

The best time to hire a lawyer is when you have finally made up your mind to request a divorce so it could be today or tomorrow. But before doing this, make sure to ask for referrals or search for reliable divorce lawyers first. Do not hire someone who is not well-versed in this field because they have the expertise and make sure that it’s on divorce.

One reason why you should hire a lawyer is because of your children. Let’s assume that you are working and already separated from your partner but the children are not receiving any support. In this case, you must hire professionals and take this legally for your children’s sake.

Another example is if you are being abused, maltreated, or when your partner is cheating, then hire a lawyer. In this way, he can help you file a complaint and request for divorce as well.


During this moment, you will meet your lawyer to discuss what’s happening because it is important for them to know the current situation. In this way, he will know what strategies to do when the case is filed or how he will guide you until the trial ends. Sometimes, the consultation will be your first physical appearance with the lawyer and for the next days, you will usually communicate through phone calls or emails.

Since you are their client, they are going to send you updates regarding the case. So if you need to appear in court, then that’s the time that you will meet the attorney in person again. As you can see, divorce lawyers are very busy talking to different clients, giving instructions, guiding them, and fighting for them in the trial court.

So when you have set an appointment for consultations, then take that chance to ask everything you want to know. This is the best day to talk about your situation, so don’t forget to give him all the details he needs – go to to read more.

Consultation Fees

Keep in mind that most consultation services are paid because this is where the legal expertise is practiced. I supposed you will understand why most of them require professional fees. Imagine telling your story to a friend, can she give you a piece of expert advice, of course not even if this person knows every detail of your situation?

The cost of seeing an attorney for consultation varies and depends if this is a small or big law firm. Anyway, fees are not very important sometimes because what matters most here is for you to be heard, guided, and assisted throughout the process.

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What to Bring

This is just a consultation and your first meeting so you are not yet filing a request to divorce your spouse. Therefore, it would be fine not to bring any documents you have. Let’s say that you may keep them for later use and when it is necessary to present them in the trial court.

On this day, you just need to be yourself with a clear mind and be civil as well. Sometimes you do not need to be very formal with your attorney so be casual if that will make you more comfortable. Go meet him and discuss everything about your case.

What to Ask

When you already heard about this lawyer from other people, then you’ll probably have an idea that he is good at his profession. We don’t usually ask anything personal about our lawyers because that is unnecessary. So we do not need to show that we are also interested to know things about him.

They are professionals, that’s why what you can find about them on their official website is information about their education, experiences as a divorce lawyers, and comments from previous clients. In my opinion, it is better to focus on your purpose. 

You wanted to get a divorce, so ask how he can help you with your worries, how long the process would take, and how much it would cost you. If this is affordable, then you would surely want to hire him and continue what was started. When you have children, then you may also ask how big is the chance that you can get the custody or if the court will demand the parent to provide support – look at this for a sample calculation.

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