What To Do After Getting Arrested

What Rights Does a Juvenile Have After Getting Arrested?

Getting arrested is stressful, overwhelming, and often embarrassing. It brings up a lot of fear for the future and the unknown. It’s hard to know how much an arrest will affect your life moving forward, and it’s hard to know what you can do to help yourself. It’s important to be informed of your rights so that you’re able to protect yourself. Here are a few things you should know if you have been arrested. 

Don’t Speak

People often ruin their cases by trying to tell their side of the story or protect themselves against law enforcement. It’s best to stay silent and leave the talking to a lawyer. 

Get A Lawyer

Even for small crimes that seem like an open and closed case, it is good to get a lawyer to help you through it. Not only will they work hard to protect you, but they will be able to calm your fears and anxiety and inform you of potential risks. 

Post Bail

If necessary, post bail so you can await trial at home. If you do not have the money for a cash bond, consider bail bonds Scranton PA. A bail bond will pay bail for you and set you up with a repayment plan that works for you.  

Be Honest With Your Lawyer

Be open and honest with your lawyer from the very beginning. Give them every detail and piece of evidence you can remember; anything that will help them build their case. It only hurts you if the information you withheld from your lawyer comes up in court, so being honest is the key to a successful trial. 

Even though this is a scary time, there is a lot you can do to feel less powerless. Stay calm and follow these tips to help you have the smoothest arrest process possible. 

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