When to Hire a Construction Lawyer

As any longtime building contractor in Los Angeles will tell you, it’s always best to build with the law on your side. If you’re perhaps new to the building contracting business and aren’t sure when you should contact a construction lawyer, here are some examples of cases where legal counsel is a must, or at least highly advisable.

When Someone Has Filed a Defect Claim

A structural flaw can be a very serious accusation, especially if the alleged defect could cause serious physical damage or harm. Whether the claimant is being sincere or is lying (or at least exaggerating) about the defective property, hiring legal counsel is critical in these situations. A lawyer can help investigate the validity of the claim; if it has solid ground, then at the very least they can help resolve the situation that is fair to both parties and may not even require a trial. If one is necessary, however, then a construction lawyer will provide you with a more than satisfactory defense. Look up construction defect claims los angeles ca to see what legal options are available.

With the right counsel at your side, you’ll be able to navigate through any legal complication.

When Signing a Contract

There is no better way in ensuring you are treated fairly in writing. In closing all deals, having an attorney is a must. They’ll be able to pinpoint any vagaries or unfair sections of a contract, and if needed, help refine it into a document suitable for all parties.

When You’re Unsure of Building Laws

You may know a lot about construction, but the laws behind them may be a different story. Construction lawyers can ensure all of your projects stay within legal bounds of your state or the federal government, and work with you should any complications arise.

A building may loom over you, but the law shouldn’t. Having a lawyer around for such scenarios will keep you in the legal clear. Try searching online for trustworthy lists of highly-rated law firms– such as the one on US News & World Report— and happy hunting.

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