You Can Get Your Bond Money Back From the Courts


The court system does not keep your bail money. Once the trial has concluded, your money needs to be returned to you. The bond is used to release you from custody and guarantee that you show up for court. If you want your bail bond returned, here are a few things you need to know.

Bail Release

Bonds are used to release you from jail or police custody. The bond is used to guarantee that you will show up for your scheduled court time. At the end of the trial, that bond is returned. You can expect an immediate repayment in most cases. If your case is heard in the federal court system, the process may be a little longer. Their repayment system is not automatic. You must file a petition to receive your bond. You should never expect to receive the full amount of the bond either. State and federal courts will deduct fees from the total bail amount.

Bail Forfeiture

Bonds are used as a monetary promise to the courts. When you fail to show up for a court date, you can expect to lose all your bail money. You have violated the terms of the bail and forfeit all funds. If you had a medical emergency, you can always file a petition with the courts. Missing a court date is a serious matter. You can appeal the bail forfeiture with the courts, but there is no guarantee that you will receive your money.

Bail Returned from a Bail Bond Agent

Bond agents are there to help when you cannot pay for bail. If you need their help, you will be charged a fee. The contract states that you are responsible for showing on the scheduled court date. In almost all cases, the money is returned to you.

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