When you are injured at work, you have several options to help you recover compensation for things such as medical bills and lost wages. This is typically through your employer’s workers’ compensation benefit. However, there are situations where third party insurance claims Beaverton OR applies to ensure your settlement is fair.

Receiving Compensation for Future Disability

Being injured at work can have devastating consequences because your receiving disability depends on the severity of the injury. Often, the case is showing whether your disability will continue to exist in the future. If so, your quality of life can become compromised for a long time. The result is extensive medical expenses and not being able to work and earn a living wage.

Workers’ compensation is designed to cover your wage loss and medical bills, it might not be enough. Add to this that your injury on the job could be the fault …

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According to recent statistics, deaths and injuries on our roads are on the rise comparing to the previous years. Most of these accidents are motor bike accidents, which has been doubling, unlike the motorist, which is low. This cause is due to a high number of people using motor bikes since they are more economical, time-saving due to no traffic jam and easy to find parking than motor vehicles.

The design of motorbike makes it riskier for riders since it doesn’t have advanced safety features to offer protection. This can lead to a rider being thrown off the bike leading to injury or even death. If a rider is a serious injury in an accident, he needs the right person like an attorney for motorcycle accident to represent him.

Some of the insurance companies may delay compensating the rider after the accident has occurred. They may put claims that the …

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