Deciding to open a bar can be a lucrative career move. Many people enjoy going to bars to socialize with friends while enjoying something to eat and a couple of drinks. Providing them a gathering space allows them to have a great time while also earning the business owner money.

1. Customization

One of the biggest perks of owning a bar is being able to establish a theme, a menu and a name. The name should reflect the theme and atmosphere of the bar so that patrons will have an idea about what to expect when they walk in. The theme can be as wild or tame as desired, depending on the likes of the target demographic and the preferences of the owner. Developing a food and drinks menu that explores the theme more fully can be another way to immerse people in the experience and let cooks and bartenders show off their creative skills. Make sure that all the required TABC licensing has been obtained before selling any cocktails.

2. Meet Interesting People

Different types of bars attract different kinds of patrons, so be prepared to meet some interesting people regardless of the customer base. People have rich and interesting life stories to share and talking to them can be a broadening experience.

3. Location 

An important part of opening up any establishment that serves customers face-to-face is determining the location. Potential customers need to know that the place exists and is easy to find. Catering to an older demographic that loves country music may not be the best choice in a college town full of young adults who love pop music.

While running any business comes with its ups and downs, opening a bar can be a great choice for someone who wants to interact with people on a regular basis, oversee a team of people and have creative control over what happens in their establishment.

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