In common-law legal terms, an estate is defined as the net worth of a person at any point in their life or upon their death. In practice, it generally comes up when transitions in life occur, such as divorce, remarriage, or death. Because these transition periods generally involve one or more family members, sometimes with competing interests, legal opinions and decisions on how to handle an estate are often needed. Properly executed estate planning is used to determine and control what happens to your assets once you are not able to make decisions for yourself.

What Does an Estate Attorney Do?

An estate lawyer is skilled in all legal aspects that relate to your and your family’s financial future. They are able to set up legally binding documents that ensure your wishes are carried out. They can also support and represent you and your family in court if legal disputes arise. The following are just a few of the benefits that they provide:

  • Providing for the passing of property to loved ones according to a person’s wishes in a legally binding manner
  • Minimizing taxes when the property is passed on
  • Minimizing or avoiding probate
  • Transferring a business after retirement or death
  • Managing inheritance for minor children

Finding A Qualified Estate Attorney

You will want an honest, competent, and compassionate person as your estate planning attorney. If you are looking for attorneys Spring Hill FL to help with estate planning, here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling:

  • Ask your financial advisor, if you employ one, for a recommendation
  • Consult your accountant, if you use one
  • Contact your local or State Bar Association
  • Get in touch with your local probate court
  • Check out advertisements, and perhaps best of all
  • Ask your friends or other trusted persons for their suggestions

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