5 Tips For Companies To Avoid Corruption Cases

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The corruption case does not only involve acts of government officials who violate the rules, but also the role of private companies that encourage the occurrence of these violations. One of the cases that is often found is a bribe committed by the private sector to launch a business.

there are at least 150 individuals from corporations caught in corruption cases. The data is a reference for Sustainable Indonesia (SustaIN) to encourage corporations or companies to build business practices with integrity.

In addition, the company must also take appropriate steps to avoid corruption cases. SustaIN Advisor Pauline Arifin explained five tips for companies to avoid getting caught in a corruption case. Here are the tips:

1. Declaration

In making a declaration, there are at least four things that a company needs to do. First, build and implement a code of ethics that explicitly articulates anti-corruption. Second, declare that the company is bound and subject to anti-corruption or anti-bribery (bribery) legislation. Third, declare a prohibition on paying anything without official documentation as stipulated in the applicable laws and regulations. Fourth, make strong commitments, including participation in the Anti-Corruption Movement initiated by policy makers and / or law enforcement agencies or taking on the role of initiator of the anti-corruption movement.

2. Ask

Ask, ask and ensure that there are written Rules that state the process or cost requested is official. Then, ask the Compliance Division of the Company or Management about the truth of the process and / or certain costs that need to be paid and fulfilled. In addition, we need to inquire and ask for receipts as official proof from the relevant entity.

3. Inviting

If receipts cannot be given, then what we can do is communicate and invite those concerned as policy makers of the interests of the state to participate in preventing corruption by carrying out their duties properly so that business processes are in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations. This is also done as an effort to anticipate so that legal problems do not occur in the future.

4. Refuse

In this case, there are at least five things we need to do. First, refuse to pay. Then second, we need to reiterate that we are prohibited from fulfilling illegal requests because it can cause problems that can involve other parties involved. Third, find and meet the employer concerned to explain the condition. Fourth, record the name of the person or officer accompanied by details of the costs requested, including information about the position of the officer; the time and place of the incident. Finally, immediately report to the company’s internal Compliance or management to get guidance on the next thing to do.

5. Report

The reporting procedure referred to is, first, we need to report verbally and in writing to the Internal Compliance Department or management. After that, the company’s internal Compliance or management will do a report recap. If these steps have been taken in earnest, but corrupt actions are still taking place by individuals or officers, the company needs to immediately report the official to: (1) extortion task force, (2) relevant inspectorates, (3) Complaints Section Society, (4) Ombudsman related to Public Services, (5) REPORT, (6) Law Enforcement. If corrupt behavior is carried out by persons, namely law enforcement officers.

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