The Principle of Justice that is Essential for the life of a Country

Government transparency access exceptions are one of the things closely related to our country’s governance system.  The more organized democracy in a country will be the fewer exceptions that apply. In addition to meeting implementation of open government, state must also fulfill aspect of justice. Justice is basic thing and become one of official benchmarks of a social life, a nation and a state. Because guarantees for justice are equally important.

Nation and state is a real concept that provides a pattern for the social community in it to run the life of the state. The social order of society is, of course, regulated in parallel with the binding and interdependent terms and conditions between the life of the community individually or as a social society. The existence of norms in the social life of society must be a shared responsibility in maintaining moral values and ethics are sustainable in accordance with the environmental conditions of society itself, the goal is to build a society that values with principles of justice and goodness.

According to John Rawls, guarantees of justice must begin with the activation of two basic principles of justice, namely:

The same principle of liberty as great as possible

or principle of the greatest equal liberty. According to this principle, everyone has the same right to all existing liberty systems and in accordance with that freedom. This principle includes freedom to participate in the political system, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of self and the right to preserve private property.

The difference principle or the difference principle and the principle of equitable equality with opportunity

or the principle of fair equality of opportunity. According to principle, social-economic differences must be regulated until they can provide maximum benefit to most unlucky.

The two principles can only work if there is systematic and organized effort. As part of society, we must understand it.

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