Effective Approach for Child Custody Issues


If you are going through a difficult family law matter the children involved can be impacted greatly. In some cases the consequences for the children are more difficult than the adults involved. You need an effective approach to safeguard the rights of the children during a family law matter. They need a safe place to live if their parent seeks divorce in court. The court has to identify the right guardian for a better future. The lawyers at Stange law firm understand the difficultly in family matters and are Here to Help You Rebuild Your Life.

Child custody

The term child custody exists if the parents are separated due to disputes. The child custody attorneys at Stange law firm have the experience to handle family manners in a timely fashion. You can resolve child custody problems with Stange Law Firm because their attorneys solely practice family law. The child custody attorneys offer great assistance to satisfy your needs and are here for you.

Excellent services

You can approach Stange Law Firm if you want to extend the visitation hours for your children or if you are trying to retain custody of the children. Stange Law Firm deals with parental rights and modification orders from the court. You can bring about the change you want in your child custody case if you turn to the experienced attorneys at Stange Law Firm. The child custody attorneys are highly knowledgeable and they ensure that you will be listened to and properly represented.

Maximum assistance

There are many complex cases handled by child custody attorneys at Stange Law Firm. The attorneys will make you feel at ease throughout the case because of the experience they have. Stange Law Firm ensures positive results within short period of time. The lawyers in this firm practice solely on family law and want what is best for their client. You will be given maximum assistance and even your attorneys cell phone number because they know that family law isn’t between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Beyond boundaries

If you are looking to get custody of your child then turn to the child custody attorneys from Stange Law Firm. The cases may be difficult and emotional but the attorneys at Stange Law Firm practice these types of cases daily. Stange Law Firm attorneys solely practice family law issues and are here for your custody needs.

Optimum solution

Stange Law Firm will offer you proper representation for your difficult family law matter. Each and every process in your case will be carefully handled and shown to you through our online Case Tracker. You can feel assured that the child custody attorneys at Stange Law Firm will fight for you every step of the way.

Highly recommended

Stange Law Firm is highly recommended because of the experienced attorneys they have at their firm. You can check out the awards received by various attorneys on the Stange Law Firm webpage. Stange Law Firm is dedicated to assisting clients with any family law matter.

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements. Kirk Stange, 120 S. Central Avenue, Suite 450, Clayton, Missouri 63105.



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