Eligibility In Borrowed Car Accidents

It is quite common for the car owners to lend vehicles to other people if it is necessary. For instance, the car can be lent to friends or relatives who visit from another place in order to easily get around. You might even borrow your car to a co-worker. 

When an accident happens and the driver at fault borrowed the car, who is eligible for paying damages? 

Registered Driver Or Car?

Before even thinking about eligibility in borrowed car accidents and looking for a lawyer for car accidents in Indianapolis, you need to know facts about your car insurance policy. Drivers have to buy minimum liability. This coverage will follow the car driver but it might pay damages when the borrowed car accident happens. This is because it usually does not matter who drives. 

When the policy does cover the borrower, you do not have problems even if you were at fault for the accident since it is the insurance form that will make the payments. The payout occurs up to the limits of the policy. 

When The Borrowed Car Is Yours

When someone borrowed your car with your permission and an accident happens, you need to obviously check if that person is ok. Then, here are some steps you need to follow:

  • File The Police Report

Police should arrive at the scene and draft a report. But, if the report was still not filed, try to solve this problem. A copy of the report should be obtained by you whenever available. Official reports can be a wonderful source of information that will be needed when the claim is filed. 

  • Talk With The Insurance Company

Make sure you inform your car insurance carrier that an accident happened. And you need to let them know that the driver was someone who borrowed the vehicle. This helps speed up policy review to see exactly what coverage you have. The necessity of filing the claim is yours because you are the vehicle owner. 

  • Get In Touch With A Lawyer

The next step you need to take is to find a very good personal injury attorney to represent you. The one you choose needs to be specialized in car accidents. This is necessary when you fight claims and when you pursue them. 

Remember you need to be prepared to be involved in a potential lawsuit when the accident involves borrowed drivers. It is very possible that you are liable as you could be labeled as negligent when you offer the car to someone else for driving. Experienced car accident attorneys are very important when your goal is to receive the highest possible compensation to cover all your damages. 


With borrowed car accidents, eligibility is a little complicated. It is very important that you work with an experienced car accident attorney who is capable of properly representing your best interests all throughout the process. When you try to file a claim alone or represent yourself against someone that files a claim against you, there is a really good possibility you will deal with problems.

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