Aircraft Maintenance Mechanics Moving through Hangar Holding Tablet  Computer by Gorodenkoffs

If you have traveled on an airplane before, your flight’s safety was ensured by a pre-flight inspection. Every plane must be checked and inspected before each flight.


The plane will be checked both from the outside and more closely from the inside. The external parts of the plane and overall structures are observed from a distance. This allows the inspectors to pick up on any major flats or external damages. Then the plane will be inspected more closely so each individual part down to the aircraft rivets which can be checked for any potential malfunctions or damages.


Once the manufacturer’s checklist is completed and all parts have been inspected, the plane needs to be cleaned. The windows and floors must be kept clear and clean, especially in the cockpit where the pilot will sit. Any blockages in aisles or obstructions to views could cause potential danger or harm to the crew and passengers aboard.


The outside of the plane must also be cleaned and individual parts checked. In addition to the tires being checked for cracks and flats, the brake pads should also be thoroughly inspected. Without the correct thickness, brake pads could lose efficacy and risk malfunction. Valves and vents must also be checked for blockages and cleaned to ensure proper air flow throughout the engine and inner workings of the plane. 


The paperwork aboard a plane must also be verified before the plane takes flight. All planes must have on board their correct documentation. This paperwork will show certificates and licenses to fly, communicate and operate in the air. In addition to verifying these documents, a detailed and accurate log book should also be kept on board to ensure proper levels and inspections are maintained.

A pre-flight inspection is a long and thorough process. It is important, especially when dealing with such large machinery, that everything is recorded and checked multiple times. These inspections are how the safety of each and every flight is maintained.

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