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Successfully carrying a concealed weapon takes more than getting a permit and buying a gun and holster. You need to be fully prepared to conceal your weapon at all times to prevent dangerous situations. The clothing you choose, such as a ccw vest, will go a long way to concealing your weapon.

Review Your Regular Clothing

Look over the types of clothing you regularly wear. What styles do you wear most often? Consider whether these clothes will conceal your weapon. For example, loose, flowing clothing does a much better job at concealing than tight clothing. If your regular style will not conceal your weapon, you may consider off-body carry options, such as briefcases or purses.

Your Holsters

Your holsters will have a significant impact on the types of clothing you wear. You may be able to wear some tight clothes and combine them with looser options and still be able to hide your gun. For example, loose-fitting pants may be used with a tight shirt if you choose an ankle holster. Loose, long tops can be worn with tight pants if the holster is at the waist, belly or under the bra. Choose multiple holsters.

Be Willing to Change

You should be open to changing your style to properly conceal your weapon. You can make minor changes, such as adopting patterns rather than one-tone fabrics, or major changes in style and fit. You may also wear business or other types of jackets and vests to cover your weapon.

Seasonal Dress

It is easiest to conceal a weapon during the winter, when your clothing is layered. However, you also need to conceal your weapon during seasons that require light clothing. Therefore, in the summer, choose flowing rather than conforming clothing. Heavier fabrics also conceal better, but if you have a holster undergarment, such as a tank, undershirt or belly wrap, a lighter, looser fabric may still conceal your weapon.

If you are carrying concealed, you need to make sure your clothing properly conceals your weapon before leaving your home to prevent good citizens from seeing and announcing you’re carrying.

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