Know Your Rights as an Employee

If you are an employee of a large company, you may feel as if you have no control over what happens to you. However, laws give you certain protections that you should know about.


Your job should not result in physical harm. If you do sustain an injury because of your work, you are entitled to certain benefits, especially if the injury keeps you from working. If your employer does not comply with the regulations created to protect you, you can consider suing employer for injury.

Fair Pay

Your employer may set your pay, but he or she does have to follow national and state regulations. Some states set their own minimum wage rates that most business owners must follow. If your state or county does not have its own higher rate, the federal rate applies. Most employers across the United States are required to pay their employees at least $7.25 per hour under the Fair Labor Standards Act. If you have a profession in which you rely on tips, such as being a waiter or waitress, your employer may not have to comply with this regulation.

Freedom From Harassment

In addition to your physical safety, you have the right to feel emotionally comfortable in your workplace. No one, from your boss to your customers, is allowed to treat you in a way that makes you feel unsafe. Federal law gives comprehensive guidelines as to how employers should deal with situations that may constitute harassment. As an employee, you are entitled to report any kind of harassment, which can occur because of your sex, race, religion or other factors. If it is substantial, your employer must address your complaint or risk being held responsible for the inappropriate conduct.

Do not let yourself be taken advantage of because of a lack of knowledge. Check federal websites regularly to see when laws are updated and make sure that you are being treated the way you deserve.

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