The Consequences of Skirting Legal Duty

There are many areas of business governed by state or federal law. These laws help prevent financial chaos, workplace violence, and other illicit activities from occurring. When it comes to employment law, there can be consequences for the company who chooses to abandon their legal and ethical responsibility to their employees.

Workers Compensation Laws

If your company has neglected the claims and needs of an injured employee, you might find the company taken to court by an Orlando workers compensation attorney acting on behalf on your employee. State law requires the employer accommodate any reduced duty labor restrictions for an employee under medical care due to an accident or injury that occurred at work. The law also requires certain employers to financially compensate the employee for the injury with regard to cost of care.

Child Labor Laws

States also have their own restriction on the use of minors for employment purposes. These laws establish an acceptable age for joining the workforce. Although not considered to be in jeopardy when compared a youth or toddler, teen are considered children and have restrictions concerning the number of hours they are permitted to work. There are even restrictions for the times they can work.

Occupational Safety Laws

The laws governing the health and safety of the workplace vary according to industry as well as state location. On a federal level, an employer is required to provide working conditions that are free from safety and health hazards. This can include offering training, providing personal protective equipment, and following building codes and licensing requirements.

Businesses who have no concern with the laws of the land can find themselves facing serious legal action if a complaint is filed against the company. In addition to paying steep fees, companies may lose their operating license, public funding or government subsidies that were provided, and their reputation. Any of these consequences can lead to financial trouble, and potentially, it could shut the company down.

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