Starting a Notary Business

How to Start a Notary Business

Starting a Notary Business

A notary is someone certified by their state to legally verify a person’s identity and capacity to sign important documents. These can range from home mortgages to letters of intent to depositions in court cases. If you’ve ever had to use a notary, you know how important they are. Here are some things to consider if you would like to become a notary and start your own full-time business.

Get Your Commission

The first step to creating a full time notary business Pittsburgh PA is to apply for your notary commission. Every state is different, so look up what agency handles the commissioning of notaries in your particular state. The process usually takes about six weeks, and you might have to pay a fee. You will also need to be bonded, but some states bond you through the state, making the bond fee part of the overall fee, and some require that you purchase your own from a licensed insurer.

Get Your Training

Performing notarial acts requires some training. After all, you are essentially a legal witness of identity and signature, and your notary logbook can and sometimes will be subpoenaed in court cases if it’s determined to be relevant evidence. Therefore, you need to be able to perform your notary duties correctly. Some states provide their own courses and some require you to find training on your own. Read your new notary materials thoroughly to find out.

Get Your Contacts

Once you have your training completed and you’ve received your commission, you can start getting your name out so that clients and the general public can find you. It takes time to build up a solid client list, but websites like offer a free profile so that you are visible to anyone who searches for a trained notary.

These are the first steps to starting your notary business, but there is more that only time and experience can teach you. Be diligent and thorough and you can have great success ahead of you.

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