Steps For Filing Personal Injury Lawsuit

On the surface, the steps of a personal injury claim are easy. You lodge the complaint, come into an agreement and go to court if necessary. What you don’t know is that people who want to submit a personal injury claim must follow specific procedures. It’s wise to go through these steps when filing a personal injury claim.

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The first step towards filing personal injury claims is reporting the accident. You need to report the accident to your employer, the police or an insurance company. Also, it’s wise to make a report immediately, rather than reporting months or several days after the accident. It would be prudent to inform your personal injury lawyer Boston ma about the accident for guidance on the way forward.

Gather Evidence

After reporting the accident, you should gather evidence. For instance, you can take statements of witnesses, addresses and names of the other party. It would also be wise to document the place where the accident took place as well as time. Gathering evidence for your personal injury claim also entails presenting photos of your injuries and the accident scene. You should also preserve receipts, such as prescription costs, as evidence for the application.


Negotiating a potential settlement is a pre-court stage where the parties involved negotiate. A possible agreement is often negotiated whether the other party has accepted liability or not. Negotiation intends to reduce court time and legal costs. It occurs when the parties want a reasonable and fair settlement without wasting much time. But, it’s wise to involve your injury lawyer during the negotiation to make sure that you get fair compensation.

Contact a personal injury attorney after an accident. The attorney will guide you through all these steps while advising you on available legal options. Remember that the actions you take after the accident have an impact on the claim process.

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