Who Started the Fight, and Where Is the Bail?

Yesterday you were barbequing with friends in the backyard, and today you are sitting in a cell at the jail waiting for someone to tell you when you get to go home. You remember the whole thing – the argument, the police, the handcuffs. All you can do is shake your head that it got so out of control and wait for someone to tell you how to get out of jail so you can apologize. Here are a few things you should know about being arrested.

1. Booking

Once you were arrested and given your Miranda warning, you begin the booking process. You will be fingerprinted, and a photograph will be taken of you from several angles. Some questions about your family, personal dimensions, and clothing size may be asked, and then some jurisdictions give you a jumpsuit to wear. Then back into the cell you go.

2. Arraignment

An arraignment is a meeting between you and the judge. During the meeting, you will be told what all the charges are against you and why you were arrested. The judge will describe your crimes and what the different distinctions are in the law, such as felony or misdemeanor. You will also be given an amount you can pay the court to get out of jail on a personal release.

3. Bail

Bail is the amount of money you will pay to a bail bonds Harrisburg PA company that works with the court to get you released from jail. There is a 10 percent feel for all the paperwork, but if you attend all the meetings, you can get the rest of the money back from the court after your trail, or other proceedings are completed.

Once you are home and have made peace with everyone, you can relax until your next meeting at court. Make sure you don’t miss any of your appointments, or you could forfeit all your bail money.

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