Steps to Law School and Beyond

Congrats! You’re considering law school. Whether you are familiar with the world of law, or simply dipping your feet in the waters, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to explore easy next steps you can take to continue on your path of law school exploration.

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Understand the World of Law

For outsiders, it’s easy to watch Suits or Legally Blonde and instantly become consumed by the idea of becoming a lawyer. However, keep in mind that briefings, courtrooms, and case dockets are often much more complex, and timely, than media can portray. Invest in some reading materials to understand what law professionals do daily. Explore the typical skillset lawyers possess, along with the various aspects of the job, including research, client interaction, and trial preparation.

Serious Next Steps

Once you conclude that law is something you do indeed want to pursue, create a list of your next steps. Start by taking a practice LSAT (Law School Admission Test) exam to get a basis of where you need to grow. Then, invest in study materials and determine when you’ll take your exam. Pre-plan this testing timeline so can spend future time preparing and applying for law schools. Don’t forget to make this season of exploration fun! In between application essays, try visiting some local law firms or courtrooms (with permission) to ask questions and get a first-hand glimpse at the daily profession. There are also avenues for lawyers in the real estate world. If you live in Florida, consider shadowing professionals in commercial real estate ponte vedra to learn more about the field.

Law School and Beyond

After applying for law school and getting in, you’ll begin the exciting and challenging law school journey. Most university law school programs last three years, giving you plenty of time to invest in your studies, form relationships with peers and faculty, and gain real-world experience with trials and mock cases. Most law schools advise students on the final steps needed for accreditation and certification with their state Bar Examination.  

Regardless of your undergraduate background or present experience, law school may be the next step on your grand adventure!

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