Three Ways to Save Your Sanity During Divorce

While divorce rates in America have dropped below the halfway mark, some areas still experience higher than average rates. The more times you’ve been married, the likelier you are to divorce again. Divorce lawyers in Gurnee, IL offer advice, support and representation to help you divide your life back up and move on from a failed marriage.

Find an Attorney

If you are considering obtaining a divorce from your partner or have been served divorce papers, an attorney is the first stop on your list. Contacting local divorce lawyers in Gurnee, IL can help you prepare for that first meeting. Find one that fits your price range, has good reviews and is knowledgeable. While it is helpful to like the attorney, it is more important to be able to trust them during this difficult time. They can offer advice on how to proceed with the divorce and mediate between you and your spouse or their attorney.

Avoid a Mess

Many marriages end in a mess that can take years to recover from. Psychology Today offers some tips for a great divorce such as writing things down, working together for the sake of any children, setting healthy boundaries and figuring out how to disagree. These tips may not work in all situations but do offer a good place to start. A mediator may be a valuable resource whether that’s your attorney or an outside party working with your attorney.

Keep Good Records

Finances tend to be a hot spot during any divorce. Questions commonly arise on who gets the big ticket items such as houses, boats, and jewelry. Having your financial records together before those meeting can save you money and time. Your attorney can help you determine what financials need to be frozen during the divorce proceedings and what should be divvied up to live during the interim.

Divorce isn’t something that should be taken lightly. If you have decided to split from your partner, there are ways to ease the difficult transition for everyone involved.

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