Why Is Liability Insurance Mandatory?



Liability insurance is a basic level of coverage that the state of Florida requires for every motor vehicle operated on the roads. It’s made mandatory due to the lack of coverage experienced before the passage of the law. Inadequate amounts or a lack of insurance coverage ends up being a huge financial problem for both parties involved in an accident.


The Ever-Present Risk of an Auto Accident


Millions of vehicles are moving on the expansive Florida highways and roads at any given time of the day or night. The odds of accidents are present, no matter the time or weather conditions. The sheer volume of vehicles make an accident a risk.


Shared Group Costs of a Policy Make Accidents Less Financially Devastating


Laws were put in place to require every motor vehicle to be covered by the basics of liability coverage as a means of minimizing the financial impact of a serious accident. Without insurance coverage, it would require cash payment for all vehicle damages, injuries, and property loss.


You Rarely Have to Worry About the Coverage of Any Vehicle Causing an Accident


Without the mandatory insurance laws, worry about whether people had coverage would be a daily reality. It is possible that someone gets through the system periodically without coverage, but you can opt for uninsured motorist on your own policy. It protects you completely from this problem.


Provides Fast Relief to the Injured Party


Insurance claims for vehicle accidents are typically settled pretty fast. You are not left without a vehicle or unpaid medical bills for a long period of time. The financial security it offers makes the minimal amount of cost worthwhile. Reduced stress will help you heal faster if you are injured.


Find the most affordable car insurance Orange County FL drivers need to stay in compliance with mandatory liability laws. You’ll feel better every time you pull out of your driveway and hit the roadways.


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