When to Seek an Injury Lawyer

The decision to seek legal action is rarely a trivial matter. When you’ve been injured in an accident, you may be left wondering if you should hire a Boston injury lawyer to help file a lawsuit. When legal action is required, the expertise of a professional attorney is well worth the fees they ask. Some examples of scenarios where you need a personal injury lawyer are given here.

Severe Injury or Disability

If an accident leaves you with serious injuries that result in disability or otherwise will require long-term care, the medical costs combined with lost wages can be too much to handle alone. Additionally, insurers’ policies regarding personal injury cases vary and may not permit you full compensation. To make sure you can afford the care you need, turn to a personal injury lawyer that knows how to negotiate on your behalf.

Liability Disputes

Some personal injury cases involve situations where liability is difficult to establish. Often, insurers place the burden of proof on the injured to verify not only the type and extent of injury but whether a specific party is to blame, such as in workplace accidents when the employer may have neglected safety protocols. Also, if multiple parties were involved and injured, there are more insurers to negotiate with and compensation may get spread out too thinly. A licensed attorney can help you make your case and protect you against counterclaims from other parties.

Conflicts With Insurers

Unfortunately, it’s all too common that an insurance company will refuse to negotiate a fair statement with you following an accident. The insurer may decide that your case does not merit compensation or, worse, may be engaging in bad faith practices such as refusing to pay a claim or threatening legal action against you. Having a lawyer on your side is vital to gain leverage in disputes like these, especially since insurers have their own legal teams.

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