Recognizing Signs of Domestic Abuse

The signs of domestic abuse can be difficult to recognize. For one thing, they can be very subtle, particularly in the beginning. For another, you may not perceive what is going on because an individual does not fit your preconceived notion of what an abuser or a victim looks like. Furthermore, abusers do not all exhibit the same personality type, and many appear polite and charming when not around their victims.

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However, in order to obtain help for yourself or a loved one from a domestic abuse lawyer Hernando County FL, it may be necessary to recognize the signs that abuse is taking place.

Signs That Someone Is a Victim

Anyone can become a victim of domestic violence: young or old, male or female, etc. Regardless of the background, education level, ethnicity, or gender of the victim, the signs that abuse is taking place can be remarkably similar:

  • Overly worried about pleasing their partners; constantly checking in with them
  • Hiding injuries by wearing clothes out of season
  • Skipping social activities, work obligations, etc., without giving a reason
  • Making excuses
  • Low self-esteem or other personality changes

You may recognize these signs in others or in yourself. In either case, pay attention and take the appropriate steps in response.

Signs That Someone Is an Abuser

While there is no “abusive personality type” per se, people who commit domestic violence may exhibit a recognizable pattern of behavior.

  • Controlling behavior
  • Cruelty to animals
  • Aggression
  • Extreme jealousy and possessiveness
  • Unpredictability

Ways To Give or Obtain Help

If you believe that someone you know may be the victim of abuse, you should express your concerns specifically and offer what help you can. If you believe you are a victim, you should reach out to friends and family members and/or a domestic violence hotline. You should have an emergency escape plan in place and be prepared to call 911 if you are in immediate danger.

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