Legal SeparationOne query that family law attorneys in San Antonio and throughout Texas are sometimes requested is whether there is such a thing as authorized separation in Texas. Simply put, the answer isn’t any.

Unlike in a dissolution continuing, the judgment of authorized separation leaves the marriage bonds intact. This implies that the events stay married” in name only, without the rights and responsibilities that connect to marital standing. The parties to a legal separation motion can’t enter into a new marriage until and until the existing marriage is dissolved by loss of life or by a judgment of dissolution. The judgment of legal separation resolves all financial issues between the events, including dedication of their assist obligations and a division of their group property.

A authorized separation makes it simpler for the couple in the event that they select to reconcile. In truth, the court docket has to find out in a legal separation that the wedding is broken,” whereas a divorce requires a determination that the marriage is irretrievably broken.” So the opportunity of reconciliation is a key distinction. At any point after a authorized separation, the couple can easily resume their standing as a married couple by submitting a easy document with the court docket that vacates the legal separation. A couple who has been divorced for lower than six months additionally has the option to vacate the divorce and to automatically resume their marital standing. However, a couple who has been divorced for at the very least six months has to go through all the conventional steps of getting married to at least one another again, together with obtaining a brand new marriage license, enlisting an officiant and witnesses, and so forth.

Let’s say you and your partner do receive a decree of authorized separation. After 2 years move, either of it’s possible you’ll convert” the legal separation into divorce without the opposite’s consent. You already incurred the cost of legal separation. Two years later, you could possibly be again in court for a decree of divorce. Marital property that was not divided within the authorized separation, must be divided in the divorce. When divorce follows legal separation, and it often does, the entire value may exceed what the divorce alone would have value.

The idea that authorized separation will cost lower than divorce is a fantasy. Legal separation isn’t a cheap divorce. It’s not a simple divorce. It’s not a quickie divorce. The reason why authorized separation won’t prevent money is that it involves the same court docket process – the same proceedings – as divorce. There is property to divide. There is alimony to award. There are little one custody selections to make. There is child assist to be ordered. Because legal separation includes the very same proceedings as divorce, it can be each bit as costly.